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    A wide range available, for
    all those special occasions

Excellent Meat Market

Fresh processed meat products available daily at our deli counter.

Cheese russians
Cooked beef
Pressed beef
Red viennas & smoked salami
Smoked chicken
Spiced beef

Excellent Meat Market

Beautifully prepared meat products for that special occasion.

Deboned leg of lamb
Lamb saddle
Lamb shanks
Rack of lamb
Rolled beef

Excellent Meat Market

Marinated lamb, beef, chicken

Beef, lamb and chicken kebabs
Marinated chicken portions
Marinated lamb and beef ribs
Marinated lamb chops

Excellent Meat Market

A delicious range of fresh sausages and burgers

Beef sausage
Boland wors
Dhanya sausage
Excellent braai wors
Nippy sausage
Oukraal wors
Pepper burger
Rodeo burger
Texan burger

Excellent Meat Market

Fresh & frozen chicken

Crumbed chicken burgers & steaklets
5Kg chicken leg quarters
10Kg chicken leg quarters
5Kg drumsticks
Whole fresh chickens
4kg Fresh chicken portions
5kg Fresh chicken portions
12 Piece fresh braai packs
8 Piece fresh braai packs
6 Piece fresh braai packs

Excellent Meat Market

Fresh affal

Beef tongue
Oxtail Sheep and ox liver
Sheep and ox tripe
Sheep and ox trotters
Sheep tongue

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